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Every talent needs a platform

Come.. demonstrate the magnitude of your strengths by sharing your thoughts, skills, semi skills, un skills, aptitude and more over a positive attitude.

Arts, Technology, Fashion Design, Debate, Speech and Debate, Singing, Sports, Presenting Talent with so much variety that its no surprise many students find their passion in one or no more of its forms, problem solving, go-gather attitude team building, Leadership and confidence Building and many more with.

Today’s India News Yuva Talent Awards Test

Join as young force to driver the change of a transforming world.

Purpose of Yuva Talent

Students today is provided a substantial amount of information but is still unable to make an informed decision, we at Today’s India News aim to help students build focus career choice.

To do this the below listed events and activities are undertaken by us every year.


Celebrates the spirit of student innovation in all the fields of engineering, science, technology and design through extremely affordable/frugal solution or the ones pushing the technological edge. These could deal for example, with a) communities at grassroots, b) co-creation with grassroots innovators, c) manufacturable technologies for saving or generating energy, sanitation, water purification, saving material consumption, d) biotechnology and medical devices, e) diagnostics, f) assistive devices for physically challenged, and all others areas of social and industrial applications. One can submit more than one application in hard-core manufacturing areas, including but not restricted to aerospace, transportation, construction, textile, electronics, Nano-technologies, computer science applications etc.

We are happy to invite submissions of projects/innovations by students for the technology Young Technological Innovation Awards. It is a technical initiative to foster youth-driven tech innovations. The today’s India news Young Technological Innovation Awards will be given in 2020, during the Festival of Innovations (TIN), hosted by The Today’s India News, NCR Delhi.

We also invite all technology institutions to upload abstracts of all UG/PG/PhD projects pursued by the students at todaysindia.news to promote originality and inclusive innovation. It will also give global visibility to the idea of Indian tech youth and promote, hopefully collaborations worldwide.


Yuva Talent Registration Form- Click here

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